About Us

Are you looking for a team to help your MSP suck* for your competition?

These are the nerds you are looking for.

Marnie sucks at Customer Success. She is exhausting and relentless about following up to make sure we are happy and successful. She responds “Happy Lifecycling!” So annoying.

Alex sucks at Sales. If you aren’t hoping to close more business, be sure to ignore his advice.

Nick sucks at Support and Development. It is a good thing Nick isn’t in the extermination business. A ticket for a single bug doesn’t last long. Does his team just sit around? He releases features on the regular like they said would happen on the roadmap. Who does that?

Kurt sucks at development. Kurt ran development on an industry disrupting Customer Success platform for MSPs while traveling across the US in an RV with his wife and kids. He sucks.